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How do you make your bachelorette party go with a swing?  Picture the scene – you have a whole group of bachelorettes who don’t know each other and everyone is standing around nervously.  How are you going to break the ice and get everyone talking? How about some games? They’ll get the party going and before you know it, they’ll all be laughing like long lost friends. Here are some of our top bachelorette party game ideas.

Mr and Mrs - the perfect game to play at a bachelorette partyMr and Mrs

You can play any kind of game at a bachelorette party – they can be rude, cheeky or completely tame…whatever you like!How about the classic “Mr and Mrs” game? It requires a bit of planning on the bridesmaids’ part as they have to ask the groom-to-be a list of questions and then ask the bride what she thinks her fiancée has said. So, you could ask the groom something like “What is Julie’s worst habit?” and he’d have to choose his answer carefully… the answers can be hilarious and very revealing! If the bride gets a question wrong, you can impose a forfeit like having to take a shot of tequila. To involve the rest of the party, they can all guess what Julie’s worst habit is too….Julie may not be too impressed though!

Pass the Parcel

Or how about making your own pass the parcel? The parcel can have treats on every level, from sex toys to candy…or even candy sex toys! It can have dares in as well, ranging from climbing up on a stool and singing, to asking a nearby guy for their boxers.  A few rounds in and everyone will be giggling and waving boxer shorts round their heads. What awkwardness?!

Hen Party Games Toilet Paper DressToilet Paper Game

If you’re looking for tamer kinds of games for bachelorette parties, there are lots of things that can be played at home before you go out, like the toilet paper game. The girls divide into two teams, each armed with a stack of toilet roll, and they nominate one person from each team to be the “bride”.  Then the teams have to decorate their “bride” with the toilet roll, making a veil, dress and train. The best one wins! It makes for some very memorable photos and the bachelorettes can let their imaginations run wild.

Treasure Hunt

Another great idea is to do a treasure hunt.  Again,  it’ll take some planning by the maids of honour, but it can be a good way to get from one part of the party to the next. So, one party I went to had a class on one side of London, followed by dinner on the other side. The perfect way to get across town? A treasure hunt, with picture clues telling everyone which pub to go to next.  Everyone had fun working out the clues together and it kept everyone heading in the right direction! Clues can be pictures, rhymes or cryptic clues and they can lead to a place or an object.  It’s a great way of bonding .

So, are you still worried about how to get everyone talking?  With all these bachelorette party games you don’t need to worry any more. Whether it’s crazy crafts, treasure trails or dares in a bar, you’ll find that a game or two will give everyone something to talk about .  It might take a little bit of forward planning, but it’ll be totally worth it in the end.  And if you play “Mr and Mrs” you can even find out something new about the bride-to-be. You’d be amazed what these men let slip…

Happy Henning! x

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A few years ago my best mate Sally asked me to be her bridesmaid. With that came the responsibility of organising the Hen Do which was an exciting but slightly daunting prospect. I had a reputation as a bit of a party girl so the expectations were high. The challenge was the budget – there wasn’t one! But with a bit of improvisation and a lot of imagination I managed to pull it off.

The success of the night was mainly due to the unique and fun Hen Party Games I’d organised to get everyone interacting and laughing. On this site I’ll share some of the best ones I’ve discovered over the years.

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