Bachelorette Party Games for the Bar

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So, you’re organising a bachelorette party and everyone’s turned up at the bar to start the party. There’s just one problem though – everyone knows the bride but no-one knows each other! There can be work colleagues, friends and relatives there who don’t have much in common and it’s your job as maid of honour to get them talking to each other. If you’re smart, you’ll have organise some bachelorette party games for the bar, to break the ice and get things going.

Drinking Games for the Bachelorette Party

I Have Never…

What kind of games am I talking about? Well, you’re in a bar so some drinking games seem like a good start! There’s the classic “I have never” game  – one person says “I have never thrown up and then kept on drinking” and anyone who has done that has to take a drink. It’s a good way of getting to know some embarrassing secrets about the other bachelorettes and get some drinking done. Maybe even the bride-to-be will confess something revealing about her pre-marriage days.

Truth or Dare

Or if you want another way of finding out all those hidden secrets, “Truth or Dare” is another classic. You’ll probably find that everyone chooses truth at first, but the drunker they get the more dares will come out. And the dares can be as outrageous as you like! That’s the fun with Games for bachelorette parties – there really is no limit to how far you can push it, as long as everyone is up for it.

Scavenger Hunt

Another idea for the bar is to do a scavenger hunt. It can start off tame – the first person has to find 5 beer mats – and then the objects can get more challenging until the bachelorettes are asking random guys for their numbers….or their  boxers!

20 Questions

Or for something a bit more civilised, you could play 20 questions, where someone has to pretend to be someone famous and the others have to guess who that might be…and if they don’t get it right, there’s a drink penalty!

And don’t forget that this is a great opportunity to embarrass the bride-to-be as well ! One party I went to had the bride answering very specific questions on her life and then she got a garment to wear for the night which tied in with the question. So, we asked her which kind of restaurant she was in the night they snuck out without paying – the answer was a Mexican, so she got a sombrero with added veil to wear. The game went on over the weekend till she had a customised bra, a she-wee necklace, a garter, an apron and a newspaper with eyeholes cut out of it. Each time she answered a question, she had to tell the whole party the entire story that went with it. Luckily, she had a lot of embarrassing incidents in her past! That might not work so well with a shy and retiring bride…


But not all games have to be raucous and drunken. One nice thing to do, which works best when everyone is sitting round a table, is for each person to explain to the group how they know the bride to be and give their favourite memory of that person. That gives everyone a chance to join in, even those who don’t want to slam tequila off a stranger’s butt.  Of course, you can always move onto the tequila slamming later…

So, there are a few ideas for ways to get your bachelorettes talking when you’re at a bar – from the calmest games to the most outrageous.  Now all you have to worry about is getting everyone there in the first place!

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Hiya. I’m Gaynor – Hen Party planner extraordinaire.

A few years ago my best mate Sally asked me to be her bridesmaid. With that came the responsibility of organising the Hen Do which was an exciting but slightly daunting prospect. I had a reputation as a bit of a party girl so the expectations were high. The challenge was the budget – there wasn’t one! But with a bit of improvisation and a lot of imagination I managed to pull it off.

The success of the night was mainly due to the unique and fun Hen Party Games I’d organised to get everyone interacting and laughing. On this site I’ll share some of the best ones I’ve discovered over the years.

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