Fabulous Hen Party Games To Play At The Dinner Table

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Just because you’re sitting down to a posh meal, the Hen Party Games needn’t be put on hold. I’ve created three fab activities to keep the entertainment going between courses.

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Starter – True or False

Hen Party Games Starter Prawn CocktailThis is a quick quiz for all the guests to play.

Type up 10-15 quick facts about the bride. These should be silly, funny, rude and embarrassing wherever possible.

Half of the facts should be true, half should be from your imagination.

Print out enough copies so that each girl has one. Remember to take along a few pens on the night too; you don’t need one for everyone as it’s pretty easy for the ladies to share.

Some of the fake funny facts could include,

  • Becky once danced to the Birdie Song dressed as a Teddy Bear at her nephew’s 5th birthday party.
  • Becky lost her virginity and became a member of the mile high club all at the same time.
  • Becky was once involved in a minor car accident with Elton John.

Each girl has the time it takes from finishing the starters to the main course arriving to complete the quiz, marking each fact TRUE or FALSE.

You can take them in and mark them, but it’s usually quicker and more fun to get them to swap answer forms with their dinner neighbour. You then read the facts and announce whether they are True or False.

As always, the Hen Party Game winner gets a prize and the person with the lowest score must perform a forfeit.

Hen Party Games Main Course SteakMain Course – Memory Box

This one takes a bit of prep on behalf of your guests. It’s a Hen Party Game for the lucky lady who is getting married to play but involves everyone.

Ask all the girls (excluding the hen herself) to write a couple of sentences about a memory they have of the bride-to-be.

They could be anything from;

Me and Becky once shared a sneaky cigarette behind the Science block at school 


Becky once asked my Dad to slow dance with her to Gloria Estefan’s Anything For You.

All of the memories go into a bag, hat or bowl. In between the main course and the dessert the bride must pick out each memory and try to guess which of her guests it belongs to.

For each incorrect answer the bride gives, she must either perform a forfeit or take a drink! When she does get it wrong, don’t reveal who actually did write the memory until all others have been read (this prevents a process of elimination on her part).

This game is not only very funny, it  also provides a lovely opportunity to relive fond memories with friends and family.

Hen Party Games Ice Cream SundaeDessert – First Kiss Bliss

All the guests and the bride herself get to take part in this Hen Party Game after you’ve polished off the desserts.

Before the Hen Night itself ask all the guests to email you a couple of sentences about their first kiss. It’s good to give them a few guidelines;

What age were you? (I was 13)

Where did it happen? (Backstage at the school musical Grease)

Who was it with? (Robbie Jenks)

How did it happen? (We were rolling around on a crash mat that was in the wings)

Once you’ve got all the stories in (and yes that is my actual true story – Robbie Jenks was a hottie), it’s then your job to type them all up on one side of A4, number them and print out enough copies for one between two.

On the Hen Night each lady partners up with the girly sitting next to her (teams of two or three work best). Their task is to match the correct girl with the correct first kiss story. It will be mainly guess work (apart from their own stories which they’ll obviously get right). It’s a good idea to give a time limit.

Ask the teams to swap papers with the team across the table from them and then reveal the true answers. For example ‘The girl who was 13 and had her first kiss backstage at the school musical on a crash mat with Robbie Jenks was…….(X-Factor style pause)…….Gaynor James!’

This can be the source of much hilarity. Some of the stories you’ll hear are priceless.

It’s often a nice idea to give prizes for the;

  • Most embarrassing first kiss story
  • Most shocking first kiss story
  • Most romantic story
The winner of the quiz gets a prize and the loser does a forfeit…obviously!!!

These games will really spice up the dinner party portion of your Hen Night.

Once you’ve tried these Hen Do ideas out remember to comment with your stories or send them to gaynor@henpartygamesonline.com along with photos. I’d also love to hear from you with any games, ideas or themes that you’ve tried out and have been a success.

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Until next time,

Happy Henning,

Gaynor x

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