Top 3 Hen Party Games For The Bride To Play

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If you’re in charge of the Hen Party Games, you really need to be focusing on one person; the bride-to-be. The aim of the Hen Do should be to make her feel like centre of attention for the entire night.

To that end, I’ve designed these 3 hilarious games for the bride to play. They’re quick and easy to organise. They’ll need a bit of preparation so get to work girls!

(If you’re looking for Hen Party Games that get everyone involved, check out the Top 3 Hen Party Games To Play at a Bar or Club. On the other hand if you want your other guests to compete against the lucky lady, have a look at Beat The Bride (a quiz show style game based on Mr and Mrs).

Hen Party Games Marshmallows

1, Marshmallow Mouth

Get in touch with the groom beforehand and ask him a few Either/Or questions (you can email or phone him). Record the answers for later use.

Ask which the groom prefers?

  • Blonde or Brunette
  • Gel or Wax
  • Bum or Breast
  • Football or Rugby
  • McDonalds or Rugby
  • Chinese or Indian
  • Town or Country
  • Lager or Guiness
  • Home or Away
  • Sun or Snow
  • Tea or coffee
  • Boxers or tighty whiteys
  • Lap dance or Pole Dance
  • Christina or Britney
  • Cluedo or Monopoly
  • Xbox or Play station
  • Trainers or Smart Shoes
  • Rooney or Beckham
  • Twosome or Threesome
  • Holly Willoughby or Fern Cotton
  • Spiderman or Batman
  • Dogs or Cats
  • Snickers or Mars Bar
  • Chicken or Beef
  • Loaded or F H M
  • Ferrari or Porsche
  • Beyonce or Kelly
  • Corrie or Eastenders
  • Ant or Dec
  • Brazilian or Hollywood Wax

On the night, quick fire these questions at the bride-to-be. For every incorrect answer she gives, she has to put a marshmallow in her mouth. Take care – too many incorrect answers could cause choking (she plays at her own risk).

The secret to this Hen Party Game is to keep the questions coming think and fast so that the bride ends up not being able to be understood. It’s hilarious!

2, Hen Party Memory Box

Ask all the girls to bring along one item that is associated with a memory they have of the bride. For example if they’d been on holiday with her when they were teenagers, they might bring along a bottle of suncream or a fridge magnet from Magaluf.

Secretly put all of the memory items (which can double as gifts) in a box and give it to the bride-to-be in order to get the Hen Party Game going. It’s a nice idea to decorate the box with glitter, feathers and perhaps a few photos of the bride through the years; this is a lovely personal touch which will really make her feel special.

Then she takes the items out one by one and guesses which of her friends placed it in the box and the memory it refers to. For example she might say, ‘I think this DVD of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was put in the box by Sharon to remind me of the time we bunked off school and spent the afternoon watching it round at my Nan’s house’.

For every wrong answer, she must either take a glug of her drink or perform a forfeit.

Hen Party Games Hunk3, Dress the Hunk

This Hen Party Game is a slightly cheeky version of the classic kid’s game Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Get an over-sized picture of a typical hunk with very few clothes on and stick it to the wall. Then cut out different items of comedy clothing from magazines (i.e. a Santa hat, Woman’s g-string, Cowboy chaps, Knee high boots). Put blue-tac on the back of each piece of clothing.

Blind-fold the bride-to-be and pass her clothing items one by one and explain what they are. She must then stick them to the appropriate part of the body (or as near as she can without being able to see).

The results can be hilarious.

OK happy hens that’s all for now. If you try any of these games out, why not take some photos and send them to me at so I can post them to Hen Party Games.

Happy henning girls,

Gaynor x


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Hiya. I’m Gaynor – Hen Party planner extraordinaire.

A few years ago my best mate Sally asked me to be her bridesmaid. With that came the responsibility of organising the Hen Do which was an exciting but slightly daunting prospect. I had a reputation as a bit of a party girl so the expectations were high. The challenge was the budget – there wasn’t one! But with a bit of improvisation and a lot of imagination I managed to pull it off.

The success of the night was mainly due to the unique and fun Hen Party Games I’d organised to get everyone interacting and laughing. On this site I’ll share some of the best ones I’ve discovered over the years.

Enjoy x

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