Top 3 Hen Party Games for a Bar or Club

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Opting for a Hen Night on the town? Don’t despair. There’s no need to miss out on the Hen Party Games.

I’ve got 3 fabulously funny ones for you. These little gems have had girls in stitches on several Hen Do outings I’ve organised.

If you’re staying in, check out these posts for more ideas: 3 Hilarious Board Games To Play at A Hen Party and A Funny Hen Party Game To Play at Home.

But if you’re going to a bar or a club these babies are the Hen Party Games For You!!!

1, Man Hunt

Do the prep before you enter the venue (ideally before you even leave home). Each girl on the Hen Night picks out a piece of paper from a hat, bag or bowl. On the piece of paper is written a ‘type’ of man.

When coming up with ‘types’, use your imaginations and be as silly and outrageous as you can. Here are a few examples of the ‘types’ I’ve included before and ones that I know work well to get you started.

  • A man with a ‘comb-over’Hen Party Games Comb-over Man
  • Someone wearing a football shirt (you could be specific about the local team if you like)
  • A guy with a foreign accent (again you can get more specific and say ‘a French accent’ or ‘a Soanish accent’)
  • A biker
  • A man who is wearing glasses
  • A guy in a sandals and socks combo (this one is a real catch…LOL!)
  • A bloke called Dave
  • Someone who is out with their girlfriend
  • A man out with his mum
  • A lad with ginger hair
  • A guy with a moustache
  • A man with a shaved head
  • Someone who is shorter than you
  • A gay guy
  • A body builder

I could go on and on but I have to leave you to do some of the work, right?

Once everyone has picked out their ‘man’ from the hat or bag, their mission is to find that guy at some point during the Hen Night. The aim of the Hen Party Game is to get a kiss from your man.

The first girl to get a kiss wins a prize.

2, Necklace Necking

Hen Party Games edible Necklace

Give each girl an Edible Necklace at the start of the night. The only rule is it must be eaten by a stranger or strangers and they must be male!!

The first girl to have her Edible Necklace entirely eaten wins a prize!

3, Hen Party Dares

Obviously this is a classic in the Hen Party Games arena. Again, put all the dares in a hat or bag at the beginning of the night and get all the ladies to pick one out. They then have until a certain time (say midnight) to complete the dare.

Here are some of the dares I’ve used that always get a good laugh. The more silly and rude your dares are the better.

  • Ask a random bloke for his autograph and tell him emphatically that you’re a big fan of his work.
  • Ask the barman to change a tenner for the condom machine in the Ladies loo.
  • Get a number from a bloke called Colin.
  • Every time someone mentions the song YMCA perform a pre-rehearsed dance routine.
  • Kiss 2 brothers.
  • Take off your bra underneath your clothes whilst on the dance floor.
  • Ask a Policeman for a snog.
  • Tell a stranger a ridiculously unfunny joke.
  • Talk to a stranger in an Australian accent.

An alternative way of playing Hen Party Dares is to customise them and give them to specific girls. For example if one particular girl hates the song ‘I Got A Feeling’ by The Black Eyed Peas, she must request that very song, sing along at the top of her voice and aim to clear the dance floor with her outrageously embarrassing dance moves!

At a specified time the girls who have not completed their dares must perform a dance-off in the middle of the floor. The bride will decide upon a winner!

If you try any of the above games out, please feel free to post a comment and let me know how you got on!

Ta ta for now!

Happy Henning,

Gaynor x

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Hiya. I’m Gaynor – Hen Party planner extraordinaire.

A few years ago my best mate Sally asked me to be her bridesmaid. With that came the responsibility of organising the Hen Do which was an exciting but slightly daunting prospect. I had a reputation as a bit of a party girl so the expectations were high. The challenge was the budget – there wasn’t one! But with a bit of improvisation and a lot of imagination I managed to pull it off.

The success of the night was mainly due to the unique and fun Hen Party Games I’d organised to get everyone interacting and laughing. On this site I’ll share some of the best ones I’ve discovered over the years.

Enjoy x

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