Who Knows Hubbie? A Funny Quiz Show Style Hen Party Game

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This is one of my favourite Hen Party Games. The hilarious Who Knows The Hubbie? is loosely based on the classic TV quiz show ‘Mr & Mrs’.

This version of the game pitches some female members of the groom’s family against the bride to see who knows the most about her future husband. If you’re not planning on inviting any of the groom’s family to the Hen Do then this one isn’t for you, but there are loads more Hen Party Games if you click here. This Hen Do idea will also require you (as the person organising the Hen Party) to do a little bit of work beforehand.


So, before the Hen Night itself, you’ll need to have been in touch with the groom to ask him a few fun and unusual questions about himself. In total you’ll need to ask 12 questions. Here are some that I’ve used successfully in the past, but feel free to customise and be creative by adding your own. It’s best to keep them fairly obscure

1, Who would you most like to meet?

2, What kind of underwear do you prefer to wear?

3, Where did your first kiss take place?

4, What colour hair did your first girlfriend have?

5, What is your inside leg measurement?

6, Which body part on your wife-to-be is your favourite?

7, If you won the lottery what would you buy first?

8, Who was your first crush?

9, Which pop star do you most fancy?

10, What are you most proud of in your life?

11, What is the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done when you’ve been drunk?

12, What is your favourite meal?

On The Night

Now it’s time to unleash your presenting skills as you’ll be hosting the TV style Quiz show. You’ll need 4 players. One of these should be the bride. The other three should be made up of guests from the groom’s family and friends (ie. His mum, sister and aunt).

Round One

In Round One of this Hen Party game two players will go head to head to answer 3 questions. Before you begin asking questions, it’s entertaining to do a little interview just for fun. For example you might say, ‘Let’s meet contestant number one. What’s your name and where do you come from?’ (a la Vernon Kay on Family Fortunes) and ‘How do you know the groom to be?’

Anyway the game itself: It’s a simple multiple choice format, so begin by asking question number one and giving 3 alternative answers. One of these should be the groom’s real answer, the other two fakes created by you. (For example, ‘Which pop star did the groom say he most fancied? A, Cheryl Cole, B, Pixie Lott, or C, Jessie J. Both contestants will answer on a sheet of paper or card without revealing their answer out loud.

Repeat this process with Questions 2 and 3.

At the end of the round go through each question asking the contestants to reveal their answers. Then reveal the groom’s real answer (after a suspenseful X-Factor style pause). 1 point is awarded for each correct answer.

If at the end it is a tie, ask one further question without multiple choice. The person whose answer is closest to the real answer wins (you can ask the non-participating guests to vote on this if you like) and goes through to the grand final. The losing contestant must perform a forfeit (i.e. sing Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush on the karaoke later that night).

Round Two and Grand Final

Then the same process is repeated with the next two contestants in Round Two of the Hen Party Game.

The two winners of the round go head to head in the grand final which has exactly the same format. You can decide upon an appropriate prize (maybe this is the part where the stripper comes in and gives the winner a personal dance?).

The great thing with this Hen Party Game is that you can go to town creatively if you so wish and really get into the role of Quiz Master (or should I say Mistress). For example, you might want to try creating a Theme Tune for the show?

Happy Henning!

Gaynor x

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